Jeonju, The Food Capital of Korea: Private Tour

Day time(9AM)
8 Hours
min 3 ppl
Jeonju renowned as Unesco City of Gastronomy is one of Korea’s top destination among Koreans

Tour Details

The largest city in the coutry’s southwest, Jeonju is regarded as the food capital of Korea. It has an amazing historic district and a vibrant food scene. Korea’s stunning traditional houses are displayed at Jeonju’sHanok Village. Jeonju is the home of bibimbap and this tour shows what makes JeonjuBibimbap so special. We will take you to the Nambumarket, street food stalls and famous bibimbap restaurant. The city is also home to a number of historical places such as Geonggijeon, Gold Mountain Temple and the Hanok Ma-eul, the biggest traditional Korean village in Korea. The journey to Jeonju will be wrapped up with Makggeoli and endless banchans. A day in Jeonju will feel like a different world and you’ll experience a food culture like no other.

Highlights Include

  • Learn how Jeonju became the food capital of Korea
  • Entertaining stories of Jeonju’s rich history and culture
  • Appetite your taste buds with the best bibimbab in Korea
  • Experience Jeonju Makgeolli with endless Banchans(Korean side dishes)
  • Exploring the renowned Nambu market visiting the brassware master

Additional Informaiton

  • All Inclusive(Transportation from Seoul to Jeonju is available upon request with $100 surcharge per one-way for a group under 7people)
  • Exclusive and private experience (*Customized itinerary available. Extra costs may be incurred based on your requests)
  • Contact [email protected] for more information
  • No Tourist Trap/No Shopping


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