Live Chat at Instagram with Chef William Wongso

Instagram Live

Jia Choi talks to William Wongso at Instagram live on Korean cuisine during the COVID-19 period.

Jia Choi’s Secret Recipes on YouTube Channel

Jia Choi, the president of O’ngo Food Communications has started to share her secret recipes on her own YouTube Channel. Please subscribe through the following link and like the videos.

More videos are coming soon so stay tuned!

O’ngo’s Team-Building Cooking Sessions with the Siemens Healthineers team for a year-end event.

Everyone was very humorous and funny, so our studio was filled with laughter

The students from Seoul Foreign School, in Yeonhui-dong, participated in O’ngo’s cooking classes and gourmet tours. This year, they spent throughout the week with O’ngo having cultural and food experience.

Chen Ting Ching, a chef from Taiwan took part in O’ngo’s Professional Advanced Cooking Course. Meat dishes: LA-galbi, Fried chicken, Bossam / Seafood dishes: Ojingeo-bokkeum, Haemul-tang, Sengsun-jolim    

27 students from Bali Culinary Pastry School visited O’ngo again. Just like the students of the culinary school, everyone actively participated in the class and was enthusiastic.


International exchange students from the United States who are currently studying at Sogang University had O’ngo’s cooking class for a team-building organized by CISabroad. Excellent job!

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea Tourism Organization held #LoveKOrea Culture & Travel Fiesta

at the SM Megamall, Manila to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Korea – Philippines Diplomatic Relations.

Team O’ngo served Korean Kimbap to 700 people and Jia Choi, CEO of O’ngo had a presentation

about Korean cuisine and showed making Kimchi on the stage with two Filipino volunteers.



Korean Cuisine Sessions 23rd September to 02nd October 2019.

Jia Choi and chef Jeong have been working on a project to introduce Korean food at the Research Nestle Product Technology Centre in Germany.