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O’ngo Food Communications has been offering Korean cooking classes and food tours since 2008, based on the concept of "Experience Korea Through Cuisine." The name O’ngo is derived from the Chinese character 'Ongojisin(溫故知新) '. 'O’ngo’ represents "new value created by rethinking traditional food culture." We are committed to crafting experiences that enhance people’s understanding of Korea and Korean cuisine.
At O'ngo Food Communications, we are enthusiastic about all things related to food. Our services encompass interactive cooking classes, guided food tours, and exiting events.
These experiences are curated by Jia Choi Ph.D In Korean food culture and the author of "A Korean Kitchen Companion.”

In May 2024, the cooking studio reopened in Samcheong-dong, renowned as one of the most beautiful streets in Seoul, blending traditional Korean houses with modern cafes, art galleries, and specialty shops. With the most passionate and professional experts in the Korean food industry, we have become the top cooking class and tour company in the nation. We are excited to help you discover the authentic side of Korea through its cuisine.