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Private Tours

Our private tours go the distance to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for you.
Savor the dynamic cultural and culinary landscape of Korea while creating unforgettable memories.
Our tours accommodate those ranging from individuals, families, and groups.
Browse our private tours or contact us if you have special requests. Then our travel specialists can tailor tours matching your requests.

Team Building

O’ngo presents some of the most fun and distinctive team-building programs in Korea that are unlike traditional team meetings at dining tables.
This culinary activity is designed to strengthen teamwork, promote collaboration, and foster better communication and mutual understanding among colleagues,
while uncovering the authentic side of Korean culture and cuisine.
We utilize our proven curricula and data to deliver top-notch programs for various companies in different industries.

TV, Broadcasting Fixing Services

We customize services all over Korea tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the clients.
Employing our specialized services and networks, we produce tangible results and produce high-quality programs developed by our experts.


O’ngo offers the most suitable and finely curated options for your food and beverage needs.
We help clients with menu development and analysis, special events, and openings, to create the best match for you and your business.


We’ve worked with companies
from around the world, including